Series of toast made with stainless steel structure and plate cooking that can be made of steel, chrome, cast iron or glass. Ideal for quick cooking hamburgers, sausage, sandwiches at the plate, skewers, grilled vegetables, fish, shellfish and many other specialties.

All with power switch with dual LED lamp for the functions of access and control of temperature, thermostatic adjustment up to 300 º C and higher self-plates. Available in smooth or lined single version and the media, smooth, striped or mixed in the room. All can be supplied without lids higher.

CF Cenedese Srl

The company CF has been working in the stainless steel industry since 1975, and its production site is located in a well renowned area for the mechanical and catering appliances production.

Stainless STEEL Equipment

The range of products includes a wide range of electric Ovens and other accessories for catering. Stainless steel is the main material employed and the production is made with particular care.
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