Heated display cases made in stainless steel, with sides in Plex thickness 8 mm and shaped or rounded doors on both sides. The display cases allow to keep fragrant cakes and pastries during the day thanks to the humidifier and the heating by means of sheathed heating elements controlled by thermostat. The cases are equipped with removable shelves for easy cleaning.Available with one or two shelves, three shelves on request. Made of stainless steel or stainless steel with gold plating. These cases are also available as neutral, which allows sweets hygienically safe into the display case.

Heated display top made of tempered glass heating surface 400×600 mm, available with two different powers. Equipped with lighted on/off switch and electronic temperature control. They are also available entirely in stainless steel with different sizes.

Plans hot exhibition area with radiant glass tempered by 400x600mm, available with two different powers. Equipped with bright switch and electronic temperature. They are also available in the entire steel with different sizes.

CF Cenedese Srl

The company CF has been working in the stainless steel industry since 1975, and its production site is located in a well renowned area for the mechanical and catering appliances production.

Stainless STEEL Equipment

The range of products includes a wide range of electric Ovens and other accessories for catering. Stainless steel is the main material employed and the production is made with particular care.
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