Wide range of fryers from 2 to 16 liters, entirely made of stainless steel with pressed bowl in 18/10 stainless steel. The basin and the entire control case are strong and removable for easy cleaning. They are cheap, quick and easy to use thanks to the well designed control panel that includes the thermostat for cooking temperature setting from 60 º C to 190 º C, switch and dual LED. On the bottom of the basin there is a cold area where the fry residuals settled, thus avoiding the burning of residuals and allowing keeping oil longer clean.

Equipped with electric sheathed heating elements made of stainless steel, having low specific surface load that provides greater durability to the heating element and a better heating of cooking oil. The basket is made of chromed steel and is equipped with a handle made of insulating material and a hook for oil dripping.

The fryers are also equipped with security thermostat and micro-switch that interrupts the electrical connection when the control case is not properly positioned. Even the small 2 liters fryer is made by adopting the same solutions of the professional ones, with cold area on the bottom of the basin to prevent burning of fry residuals causing unpleasant odors, equipped with dipping operation thermostat and security thermostat, lid having dual filter: anti-fat and active coal.

CF Cenedese Srl

The company CF has been working in the stainless steel industry since 1975, and its production site is located in a well renowned area for the mechanical and catering appliances production.

Stainless STEEL Equipment

The range of products includes a wide range of electric Ovens and other accessories for catering. Stainless steel is the main material employed and the production is made with particular care.
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