Stainless steel equipment especially designed for heating and cooking hot dogs by steaming or grilling. The rolling hot dog cooker is the best way to obtain the characteristic grill taste. Sheathed heating elements are installed inside the stainless steel rolls that turn on their own axis, thus hot dogs are uniformly cooked and roasted. The appliance is entirely made of stainless steel and the structure consists of a base and two sides, one of which contains the sprockets and the chain providing the movement of the rotating rollers. In the base are installed the geared motor and temperature regulator, the controls and warning lights are placed on the front panel of the base. Available with 6 and 8 rolls.

The hot dogs are rapidly heated by means of the steam produced by the boiling water in a bowl made of aluminium coated with Teflon. The bowl is installed on an electric plate where are placed one above the other two stainless steel baskets protected by a Pyrex tube with cover. On the front of the appliance are fixed the punch toasters whose function is to drill and toast the bread. Pancake maker made in fine satin finish stainless steel, with cooking plate in cast iron coated with special scratch and acid resistant enamel that gives ease of use and clean. It is equipped with thermostat and temperature regulator up to 300 °C, dual LED for online status and heating element in function.

CF Cenedese Srl

The company CF has been working in the stainless steel industry since 1975, and its production site is located in a well renowned area for the mechanical and catering appliances production.

Stainless STEEL Equipment

The range of products includes a wide range of electric Ovens and other accessories for catering. Stainless steel is the main material employed and the production is made with particular care.
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